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Unique solution to accomplish legal advances.

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The gobal art trade is growing constantly, generating big sale headlines but also very irritating news about art theft and looting, artwork fakes and forgery scams. Wellknown experts and artdealers have been sued for intentional misrepresentations - Good faith has no impact when acquiring in art.

Clearing the artworks genuity, provenance, contract and financial aspects must be accomplished by the owner. Because lack of knowledge does not protect from uncomfortable questions or legal disputes, which might occur at latest when artworks are traded, donated, bequested or given as a loan.

Legal advances based on diligent art management

We have analyzed lawsuits around the world regarding unclear artwork authenticity and legal authorization. To summarize, most judges rule in favor of that party which has initiated deeper investigation regarding the contested art investment.    

Scaled Trust Label on new, old or uncertain artworks

ArtAuth.com has created an innovative art management with step-by-step procedures to research and protect authenticity, ownership and legal transfer. Timecoded public representations and "hold harmless" experts exchange add transparency, alltogether gaining for a 100% Trust Label. Parallel Blockchain technology secures all results, facts and figures chronologically.

There is no better way to improve the market value and legal certainty referring your art collection.

Unique private and public data exchange hub

- artwork identification compliant to international standards, 

- deep investigation with hold-harmless expert exchange, 

- public interrogation panel with timecoded representation,

- cryptografic verification, tracking and copyright licensing,

- more tools proceeding a scaleable ArtAuth Trust Label.


The ArtAuth Trust Label is a profitable business case.
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