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Support this social enterprise towards due diligence!

The gobal fine art trade is growing constantly, generating big sales headlines but also very irritating news about art theft and looting, art fakes and forgery scams - The vacuum is getting stronger, we are obviously moving downwards!

The procedures around authentication need a paradigm shift, a rebound to transparency and due diligence. ArtAuth.com will supply an innovative public panel with collaborative exchange to research and protect originals - Be part of the enterprise and join the ArtAuth team as a founding Partner or Investor.


Problem: How to establish a worldwide Code of Ethics?

The art industry is mostly unregulated and coupled with a culture of secrecy and a nefarious underside of conflicting interests, fraud and intrigues. Some of the best known experts and traders have been sued for intentional misrepresentations. Other recognized authorities refuse to authenticate any longer nor deliver public opinions because their risk of liability and fear of a costly lawsuit.

Fakes and forgeries have entangled millions of artlovers already and the black market continues to thrive. Technology has taken over and many collectors suspect to have been fooled. The lower to medium priced art trade runs almost without any control. Good Faith has no more quality when acquiring in art.... Its enough to just watch ethical standards fading away completely! This initiative will fight back from bottom to the top:

Solution: Legal advance with due dilligence!

Today many judges in art concerning lawsuits rule in favor of that party which has initiated sufficient investigation regarding authenticity and legal aspects of the contested art investment. Due diligent practise becomes a standard obligation and an increasing burden on art buyers and traders - Yet the question often is how to do and where to start.

To stay on the safe side collectors and investors need to manage their assets with more than voluntary diligence. Lack of knowledge does not protect from uncomfortable questions or legal action, which will occur at latest when collectibles are traded, donated, bequested or given as a loan. ArtAuth.com cares about all duties and legal advance.

Strategy: Proactive art management 

ArtAuth.com supplies artists, collectors and traders with an art object documentation compliant to international museums standards. With a full set of structured authenticity questions and a due diligence checklist our members prepare for investigation in detail. Every object profile can be individually scrutinized referring properties and condition, evidences or doubts of attribution, provenance, genuity as well as financial and legal background. Experts, scientists and connoisseurs are welcome to share their knowledge.

Art exchange via global ArtAuth panel

ArtAuth.com launches an innovative approach as public information exchange and worldwide panel to justify and eventually protect the authenticity of represented art objects. Benefits are granted to artists’ estates, collections, to past or planned art transactions as well as sales inventory on preview. Depending on purpose the panel also facilitates to trace suspicious acquisitions and helps to recover lost or stolen valuables. Meanwhile ArtAuth postings are protected against lawsuits.

Art object identification hub

ArtAuth.com also offers a new informational billboard to interrogate and (dis-)qualify selected aspects and statements in collaboration with engaged connoisseurs, insiders and experts. External professionals offering adaequate skills are listed in directories. Scientists can be involved to identify, certify and finally protect the value of a proven art original. Art dealers may use the ArtAuth OCR labels on sales items directly linking to the objectprofile. Every timecoded representation on ArtAuth panel constitutes preview transparency with its own legal impact.

"Hold harmless" discussion interface 

ArtAuth.com on top adds an innovative communication interface that protects our members and their representations against legal action. While the art objects in question are encoded via public panel, the complete object profiling together with information exchanges are limited to memberarea or might stay undisclosed just like the corresponding member identity and important documents. 

Art Authentication Panel

ArtAuth.com supplies a toolset for individual art management enabling operational due diligence. Its a social enterprise for the "Collectors of Truth" who want to support an artmarket rebound towards transparency and consumer protection. As a global Art research panel it can be a profitable business concept.

The key advantages of diligence and protected information exchange will establish a globally accepted art authentication panel and help to fight the worldwide cultural rackeering.

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